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I would like to say that I appreciate the people who have reached out to my lady friend and apologized for those in the MikuMikuDance community who were unbelievably rude and threatening to her. It’s nice to know the community has good people and rational people in it.

I apologize for generalizing you all as “nerds” because a select few had the gall to threaten violence on someone who happens to use the same abbreviation on a social media platform. That was a rude reaction by me to throw out that insult to the entire community.

Normally, I would lose interest due to the apologetic reaction from members of that community but the person who threatened to “throat punch” her is a prick. If you’re going to threaten someone, I’d love you to move on to me and threaten me instead. She is not someone who deserves such a threat or such rudeness. I, on the other hand, can be a big enough prick in response to warrant such a reaction from this disturbed individual. I know this person is just a keyboard tough guy and nothing ever comes to fruition with people like that, but I don’t mind getting into a war of words or whatever with someone like that.

Until this person SINCERELY apologizes to Dysfunctionarian in a way I deem appropriate, I’m going to continue to post obnoxious things with the MMD tag. And I’m going to encourage my followers, who showed an interest in doing the same, to continue to “misuse” the MMD tag in a way that irritates this person. You can block our accounts; we have lots of other accounts to keep it up.

It’s time to be mature about the situation and find a solution while atoning for your inappropriate response to someone who likes to use the same three letters as you for a tag on Tumblr. Do the right thing and apologize, if you’re capable of being a decent human being and realizing how obnoxious and wrong your behavior was. You take the first step toward maturity and I’ll gladly follow.

For today’s MMD video, C.J. Miles going HARD on the Spurs. The dunk was pretty good, but I thought perhaps there was a chance this rude person would possibly click the link to the video and get an earful of Austin Carr. Good morning.

So these nerds have begun threatening my lady because she uses a tag they also happen to use for their creepy animation Tumblr posts. She has pretty great musical tastes and posts a video of various songs during her morning drive that she titles “My Morning Drive.” She uses the tag MMD to organize the posts and it’s the same tag that the creepy animation kids use for whatever interests they have.

They hassle her from time to time about this because they have nothing better to do. Well, far be it from me to not handle this in a mature number. I’m now announcing the More Mega Dunks series on my Tumblr. I will post a dunk every morning. And wouldn’t you know it… I can just shorten More Mega Dunks to MMD. How about that? Crazy coincidence.

Enjoy it, nerds.

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